Welcome to Noomi

Noomi is an organization in Malmö that provides support services for individuals who have been exploited in human trafficking for sexual purposes or prostitution.

Noomi operates a safe house, does outreach and community work, and offers legal counselling for the target group. In addition to this, the organization has a project that focuses on providing support to individuals in Malmö's massage parlors. Noomi also engages in knowledge dissemination and advocacy work. The organization is run by the non-profit association Hela Människan in Malmö.

Safe house

Noomi's residence provides a warm and welcoming environment for individuals in need of support and protection from unsafe conditions. During the stay, psychosocial support is offered, along with assistance in contact with authorities and future planning. The residence is drug-free, and the atmosphere is calm and home-like.


Noomi also conducts outreach work online, at massage parlors, and based on the needs in street environments. Through outreach efforts, we contact individuals engaged in prostitution to offer emotional and practical support. Noomi's staff also offers support to individuals who have prior experience in selling sex or have been exploited in human trafficking. For instance, we may accompany people seeking asylum or filing a police report and provide support if someone needs to return to their home country.


Noomi provides targeted support to individuals in Malmö's massage parlors in collaboration with the City of Malmö through an IOP agreement. The project's name, ThaiWISE, stands for Thai Women in Sweden Empowerment Project, and its purpose is to empower the target group, who themselves constitute a crucial part of the work. The project is led by a Thai project manager.

Knowledge dissemination and advocacy

Noomi also works on spreading awareness and information about human trafficking and prostitution through lectures and participation in various advocacy efforts.

Noomi's goal is to break the cycle of exploitation and vulnerability that individuals find themselves in by instilling a sense of self-worth and providing tools to change their life situations.

About Noomi

Noomi possesses significant knowledge and experience in addressing the complex and multifaceted needs of the target group, both in the acute phase and concerning the rehabilitation or integration of the crime victims. Collaboration has been smooth, flexible, and straightforward. The placing municipality has expressed great satisfaction in feedback to the coordinator.

Eva Norlin, Social Worker, Center Against Violence – Municipality of Umeå, as well as Regional Coordinator against Prostitution and Human Trafficking, Region North

About Noomi

In close collaboration, I have closely followed the inception and development of Noomi's work. Through flexibility, extensive knowledge of the subject, and an extraordinary commitment, they can work wonders for the target group and constitute an immensely important safety net for the most vulnerable.

Lisa Green, Regional Coordinator
against Human Trafficking in the Southern Region, 2012-2020