Hela Människan

Hela människan in Malmö is a non-profit organization for social and diaconal work based on Christian principles. We are affiliated with Hela Människan National Organization, which is represented throughout Sweden. On 60 different locations, we offer services such as open cafés, vocational training, shelters, and other accommodations, as well as various forms of support activities. The national unit of Hela människan has twelve churches as sponsors, with the Swedish Church being the largest.

In Malmö, the organization has been present since 2007, originally under the name ClemensHus. In 2012, it became a unit within Hela människan National Organization, and concurrently changed its name to Hela Människan in Malmö. The association has seven churches in Malmö as sponsors: the Swedish Church, Betania Church, Hyllie Park Church, Malmö Pentecostal Assembly, Stadion Church, Immanuel Church, and Equmenia Church in Limhamn.

In addition to Noomi, Hela Människan in Malmö works on a project to create meeting places, activities, and meaningful occupations for asylum seekers under the name Sawa Tillsammans.

The organization also conducts outreach activities on the streets of Malmö among individuals facing substance abuse issues and visits Lönngården, which is a municipal residence for the target group. This work is carried out in collaboration with Betania Church, as well as the café operation Open Church, which is a meeting place with low thresholds.

In collaboration with Malmö Pentecostal Assembly, the organization runs Klädhjälpen, where individuals in need of clothing, household items, and to some extent, food, can come to collect these items.

Hela Människan believes in the equal value of all individuals and the right to a dignified life. We work to empower and collaborate with people in vulnerable life situations, aiming to reduce social exclusion and provide opportunities for change.